We Want To Show The Value Of An Acc Education, Being That Were Less Than Half Of The Lowest State Universities, He Said.

May 02, 2017  

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In order to achieve that, were looking at a tuition increase of $4 in district, $7 out of district (per credit hour) and a 3 percent drop in enrollment. Were continuing to a see a drop in enrollment from public schools, were seeing that jobs are getting stronger. It would be foolish on my part to recommend we stay level. He said the college hasnt seen the end of enrollment decline. Lets just say it doesnt decline. That means we can put money in the accounts for maintenance replacement, Sutherland said. Right now weve not had additional dollars put into the fund balance, of which our own goal is to get 15 percent. So right now being somewhat pessimistic, it basically levels it out. State aid, based on what Gov. Rick Snyder suggested, remains at the same level. Despite no increases in state funds, Sutherland said officials always want to highlight how students could save money by attending ACC. We want to show the value of an ACC education, being that were less than half of the lowest state universities, he said. Weve also shown that our students do extremely well at any of the universities. The college saw a drop in enrollment, but not credit hours in 2017.

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