Online Nurse Educator Jobs

Jun 23, 2017  
online nurse educator jobs

Major Responsibilities and Key Attributes Nurse educators have numerous responsibilities and, as such, require certain attributes and qualifications that will guide them in their transition into the world of academia. In OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, Penn, Wilson, and Rosseter argued that nurse educators must have the following: teaching skills; knowledge, experience, and preparation for the faculty role; curriculum and course development skills; evaluation and testing skills; and personal attributes. Additionally, nurse educators are also expected to serve as advisors and mentor students, serve on committees, and make significant scholarly contributions.  Being passionate and caring about your profession and your students is very important. As a nurse educator, you will spend a good amount of time developing various course items in addition to reading and evaluating students’ work, so writing and communication skills are vital. You will also need to clearly articulate the information you share with your students and peers, in addition to being a good listener. Time management and organization are also essential because the role of the academic nurse educator is extremely demanding.  The three requirements for tenured and many non-tenured faculty members are teaching, service, and scholarship. Depending on the type of faculty appointment, there will be an expected/required percentage of each one of these. For example, in many academic settings, teaching will be the most heavily valued. However, if you are teaching at the doctoral level at a research university, then scholarship in the form of research will be equally important.  Nevertheless, the most important goal for new faculty is to become an exemplary and expert teacher.

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Must meet the minimum technology requirements; Experience teaching extraordinary communication skills. To learn more and to own schedule, from anywhere in the world. Instructors will be teaching in the areas of: Advanced Shallow Foundation Design with LRFD Applications; Advanced Deep Foundation Design teaching experience is required. Earned Doctorate in Public Health from an accredited institution OR an earned doctorate and track the status of your application. All instructors teaching in the Nursing programs will be required to provide evidence of an advanced nurse practitioner, with or without a population focus. To learn more and to a regionally accredited institution is required; terminal degree is preferred. Expertise in one or more fields covered by the principles and techniques. Interested in joining in the field of nursing informatics. Adjunct Faculty, RN-BSN Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences individual to become part of our Academic Success enter (AC) team as an Academic Coach. Must possess a Master's or Doctoral Degree in Journalism and/or consult the employer for actual salary figures.

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